june ’12: month on parade

Here’s a little parade of the month that was. I had a mammoth-sized mountain of assessment due at the beginning of June, but it slowly faded away into lazy and relaxing wintertime, nicely finished with a trip to Sydney this past weekend (more on that later).


  • Prometheus (once in 2D, once in 3D IMAX). Okay, so, as a super-massive Alien fan I was disappointed that it wasn’t as psychologically mind-blowing as the original (but it could never be, amiright?). On the other hand, a part of me essentially went like this: Wow! The special effects are amazing. And I love Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender’s in practically every scene so this is almost the most amazing movie ever?! I definitely understood the plot better the second time round, and for an incredible article exploring what this movie actually means, you should go here.
  • The Women on the 6th Floor. I really liked this movie. It was charming and French (and it had lots of Spanish too). It sort of washes over you in waves of warm honey. It had great costumes – especially the main character’s wife.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Having read the books and seen the original Swedish movies, I was pessimistic about the American/British version to say the least. But I was really pleasantly surprised! Again, great casting – Rooney Mara was excellent.


  • Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. So having devoured the TV series, I am now devouring the books. I love the complexity and detail that you just don’t get in the TV series.
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I finally (FINALLY) finished reading this incredible book! Somewhere in the masses of work I’ve gotten through this semester, I stopped reading everything not related to uni, which meant that this book has been sitting beside my bed for what feels like sixth months. It’s gripping and moving and completely different to anything I’ve read in a fantastically-challenging way.



  • Lana del Rey, Born to Die: am I late to the bandwagon on this one?


  • Avenue Q. Adam and I were very happy to go and see our friend Brett perform in the Brisbane Arts Theatre’s production! It was a fantastic show and we laughed the whole night. Brett was not only on stage, but was also the puppetry consultant for the entire cast! It’s been selling out every weekend, congratulations!


  • The Dainty SquidI love blogs that are genuine and fun and pretty and have cats. Kaylah’s has all this and more.
  • Dear Friend,. I am in love with Rebekka’s design aesthetic, her watercolours, and her house. Oh, and her free monthly desktop calendars.

Crochet and crafty things

  • I finished my cozy-warm circle scarf. So. warm. and. cozy.
  • I sewed two (very very dodgy) cushion covers. You don’t get photos because they’re that terrible. I decided to make them up one afternoon off the top of my head and didn’t plan well, let’s just say. Now I want to make some crochet ones, maybe in a shell pattern. And bright orange.
  • I started crocheting an ENORMOUS zig-zag blanket. Somehow my spatial reasoning did not reason how big and how many stitches there would be in a queen-sized blanket. Stay tuned on this one. I have been instagramming progress shots, if you’re keen to follow my adventures: @harrietmcatee


  • I couldn’t stop making bread (see photos below – top: before the first rise, bottom: heading into the second rise).
  • Or things with tortillas.
  • Or eating soup (it is winter, after all).



All in all, a not too shabby month. July, though, has some good lookin’ potentially to it.


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