sydney, june ’12: photo dump

This past weekend Adam and I flew down to Sydney to visit my Mum and Dad. With Dad’s birthday on Monday, and Adam’s birthday coming up tomorrow, it seemed like a great weekend to get together and celebrate. Oh, and eat and enjoy our way across the streets of Sydney.

Adam and I were last in Sydney together 2 years ago and we loved it. I don’t think we stopped walking and catching trains and doing things for the whole week we were there. Given that we only had a weekend and a Monday this time, we thought we’d take it a bit slower, but in retrospect we still managed to cram a butt-load in!

From top to bottom: (1) windows of the Sydney Opera House; (2) sunrise over Sydney Harbour; (3) Royal Botanical Gardens; (4) Sydney Opera House, (5) 1788 shoreline, Circular Quay; (6) York Street, Sydney; (7) Glebe Point Road; (8) seagull in Victoria Park; (9) view from my Dad’s balcony.

On Saturday, after getting up early to see the sunrise over the harbour, we had breakfast at the Rocks, and Yum Cha for lunch (mushroom and tofu rolls – yum!), then walked from the city to Surry Hills to visit Bourke St Bakery, for some delicious bread.

Sunday, we walked to Glebe, then onto Newtown (obligatory coffee stops along the way, of course). We had a picnic breakfast in Victoria Park, where some seagulls were very, very interested in our granola and banana mix. For Sunday lunch (the official birthday celebration for Dad and Adam – where we figured out that this year that Adam’s 28 years is half of Dad’s 56! – we headed to Nielsen’s Park Kiosk a gorgeous old building overlooking Shark Bay. Sunday afternoon saw Adam and I having a boutique brewed cider at gastro-pub Hart’s.

By Monday, we were suitably exhausted and so spent the day skulking around the city, visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the beautiful Queen Victoria Building (stay-tuned for a mini photo-an-hour post from Monday).

It was a great (but crazy-busy) weekend! Happy Birthdays to Dad and Adam!


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