Handmade birthday: Brown Sugar and Rosemary Walnuts

A few little snapshots of what I gave my Dad for his birthday last week. Heidi’s brown sugar and rosemary walnuts. In a jar, with a pretty label.

My Dad has a bit of a sweet tooth – he’s a fan of honey roasted cashews, and there’s always a packet at the back of his pantry, so he can treat himself with a handful (or two). So I made him these (they’re delicious, you should make them). And put them in a jar, and made a label (using a gift-tag design from this very talented artist). On the recipe front, I’d double the rosemary and leave out the dried figs next time (they were nice, but I don’t think really added much). Regardless, they were the perfect balance of sweet/salty and had a super satisfying crunch.

These are the types of presents that I enjoy giving the most – something I’ve made just for that person. I also really enjoy figuring out what to make them, how I should package it. For me, this is far more fulfilling than giving a pre-made gift (not too mention easier on your wallet). Whether it’s tomato relish and stone fruit jam at Christmas, or biscuits for a birthday, or even little tote bags or beanies for Adam’s nieces, making gifts is something I love to do. I’d love to hear about gifts you’ve made, or if you’ve gotten a handmade gift you love!


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