christmas: pinecone wreath

IMG_4724Why hello,

Christmas is coming on quickly now, I can feel the days building to a crescendo of festivity and activity – the anticipation of a busy and exciting time is most certainly tangible. So, I thought I’d share a Christmas wreath made from pinecones I collected over the weekend.

Materials: Pinecones (smaller ones preferably); a wicker wreath (brought from craft store); gold acrylic paint; monofilament clear thread (brought from craft store); 2 m wide ribbon.

Estimated cost: $25 (pinecones free!)

Time: approximately 1 hour active time, 1-2 hours drying time.


  • On a piece of newspaper or butcher’s paper, squirt a thick line of gold paint. In a rocking motion, roll the pinecones in the paint, starting at the base and rolling towards the top, working your way around so the end of each scale looks like it has been dipped in paint.


  • Allow the paint to dry (approximately 1-2 hours).
  • Begin to assemble the wreath by folding the wide ribbon in half, and looping it around the wicker wreath. This is the top of the wreath, and will act as your guide as you decide which pinecones go where. The ribbon also serves to secure your wreath to your door once it’s finished.
  • Attach pinecones securely with the monofilament thread, making sure the thread sits snugly down between the scales, so it’s hidden from view.
  • Aim for an overlapped, interlocked arrangement of pinecones, which spreads out from the bottom and leaves a little room at the top so the ribbon is still visible.
  • Once all the pinecones are attached, double check if any are loose, and reinforce with more monofilament if necessary.
  • Hang and enjoy!

I’m really very please with how this wreath turned out – the natural style, the little speckles of gold, the cherry red ribbon. It’s not perfect, but neither are pinecones. I have a few unpainted pinecones leftover, which I’m thinking of working into a table arrangement somehow.

Have you made a wreath before?



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