molly 1

Why hello there!

Just a few cat photos to brighten your Monday.

It’s been exceedingly hot the last week (finally, over the weekend, a cool change has come through, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the showers of rain and cooler weather). The cats’ strategy in hot weather is lazing on the floor for as long as possible.

Nothing, however, stops Lily from a romp outside in the early mornings (because her skin lacks pigment, she gets sunburnt easily, and she is also deaf so can’t be outside without supervision). This is when she loves sniffing sea daisies, and frolicking through the herbs.

We had a massive weekend: visiting my parents who have just returned from a month overseas (jealous!), celebrating birthdays and graduations, and taking big walks. Happy Monday!


P.S. Isn’t Molly ladylike with her paws crossed? So dainty.

lily 1

molly 2

lily 2


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