photos: our engagement party

All the way back in December (Man, it has taken me ages to share these photos! Yikes!), we had our engagement party. It was a great night, and apart from the December heat in Brisbane, I had a blast.

People’s generosity is so overwhelming, both in their kind words, love, and the beautiful gifts we received. I know I’ve already thanked everyone, but thank you again – it was really important to Adam and I to have the people we loved around us.

Also a massive thank you to our friends Liss and Michael who took these amazing photos! I’m planning to get them printed soon, but in the meantime, thought I’d share them here. X

engagement_party01 engagement_party02 engagement_party03 engagement_party04 engagement_party05 engagement_party06 engagement_party07 engagement_party08 engagement_party09 engagement_party10 engagement_party11 engagement_party12 engagement_party13


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