photos: fireworks

More photos that it’s taken me ages to share (lazy, lazy Harriet!). After Christmas, Adam and I went down to Sydney for a week over New Year’s. We LOVE Sydney, and spent a lot of our time visiting amazing bookstores (both new and secondhand), drinking coffee, seeing art, and strolling the streets of Sydney.

A highlight, however, was the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Sydney (I think?) has the largest public event for NYE in the world, and the fireworks display is massive – I think it went for at least 30 minutes. The crowds are enormous, but luckily my Dad’s apartment, where we were staying, has a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so I was able to snap some shots of the fireworks all while avoiding the crowds.

I find shooting fireworks pretty hard, so most of these are pretty crap, but it was still super fun.

fireworks5 fireworks4 fireworks3 fireworks2 fireworks1And just because I can’t resist out-of-focus firework photos:



I hope you’re having a magnificent day!


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