a photo an hour: 3 march, 2013

Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week, hands down – a day of cooking and relaxing before the week starts. So, this Sunday I decided to take a photo an hour to share with you!

1_7 am7 am: I love this cushion so much that it’s (literally) falling apart. The colours are just so wonderful!

2_8am8 am: Driving to the markets.

3_8.30 am8.30 am: A massive fig tree at the markets – tall, old, and twistedy!

4_9am9 am: Back home with our market haul – not bad for less than $15!

5_10 am10 am: Layering roasted zucchini for red lentil moussaka.

6_11 am11 am: (One of) my favourite cats in front of my favourite cushion!

7_12 pm12 pm: Checking on my thyme during a break in the rain.

8_1 pm1 pm: Moussaka complete! Heading over to my parents’ house to hang out for the afternoon.

9_2 pm2 pm: I’m learning to knit (I’m still really bad!!). On Sunday I learnt purl & garter stitches.

10_3 pm3 pm: Coffee and almond bread break! (With some crochet for this sassy lady in the background).

11_4 pm4 pm: Mama always has fresh flowers – natives are especially beautiful, I think.

12_5pm5 pm: Lots of pretty little flowers to glimpse while I’m heating up the oven.

13_6pm6 pm: Dinner is served!

Well, that was my Sunday! A very relaxed and lazy day, as you can see (it was raining, after all!). Bliss.


5 thoughts on “a photo an hour: 3 march, 2013

  1. recipe: red lentil moussaka – molly, ily

  2. Oh, I love this! I have concerns about how my life might look a photo an hour (way too many pictures of my couch and fridge) but I think I will try it this week-end (and hope for the best).

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