crochet: teeny tiny lemony booties

booties1 booties2 booties3 booties4Aren’t these teeny booties the sweetest things you’ve ever seen? I made them for my supervisor, who had an equally sweet baby girl at the end of November (I’ve just made them now though, so I hope they still fit!).

They’re done in the softest lemony baby wool. The pattern I used was missing the instructions for a whole row (frustrating, much? especially in a published book!), so I had to improvise the third row of trebles which begins to form the toe, which is why each booty is a slightly different shape. Oh well! I think it’s sort of endearing (I hope).

Anyway, these were super speedy to make (less than 2 hours all up I think), and I think they’re adorable.

You can check out my Ravelry entry here.

I hope your week is going lovely so far – I’ve been getting lots of work done at uni, and lots of knitting practice done as well! Now, if only the sun would come out.


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