knitting: getting there

knitting1 knitting2 knitting3Well, I’m learning to knit (thanks Mum!). And, I think I’m getting there. When I was little, I remember my grandmother teaching me to knit over one summer holiday, and I can distinctly recall a garish pink, green, and purple concoction that was riddled with holes, and funnily-shaped. My, what difference 18 years or so can make! I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes so far – there have been a few times where Mum has had to come to the rescue – but it’s definitely easier this time round.

I’m really enjoying knitting so far – I’ve learnt knit, purl, garter, and now moss stitch. This is going to be my ‘sampler scarf,’ where I learn all different types of stitches (up next is a rib, I think), before moving onto to ‘real’ projects. Oh, and I have so many in mind! Multicoloured socks to use up all the bits of wool I have lying around, bobbly beanies, shawls, and hats. It feels wonderful to learn a new skill, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

If you have any tips or tricks for the novice-knitter, I’d love to hear them!

p.s. can you see Lily peaking up in the middle photo? She’s always really curious when I get my camera out, so it’s hard to take a still photo of her sometimes, but this photo is pretty adorable, I gotta admit!



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