food: seven days of breakfast

If you’re anything like me, you’re always curious about what people eat day-to-day. Like, weirdly curious. So today, I’m going to indulge mine (and your) guilty pleasure, by sharing my last seven days of breakfasts. Breakfast for me is a challenge – to say I’m fussy would be an understatement! Call me crazy, but I can’t eat eggs every day, or cereal, or bread – breakfast food? Blegh!

That is, most breakfast food. Ironically, breakfast is probably my favourite meal to eat out (tying in close first with tacos!!), but regular, everyday breakfast food just gets my goat (give me sautéed rosemary and garlic mushrooms, please! or breakfast polenta, or…black bean omelettes with salsa…you get the idea). So, on an average day that doesn’t allow for such culinary extravagances, I oscillate between a combination of fruit smoothies, fruit and nut bowls, and the occasional egg (on weekends, usually). Making sure there’s variety and excitement in breakfasts can be a challenge for anyone, but I hope the ideas below can give some inspiration. Breakfast is, after all, the best way to start the day!

breakfast1Thursday: Banana, pear, plum, blueberry, seed & nut bowl with a drizzle of honey.


Friday: Banana, nectarine, strawberry, blueberry, seed & nut bowl.

breakfast22Saturday: Pear, blueberry and lemon balm smoothie.


Sunday: Eggs scrambled with spinach and dukkah. Strawberries.


Monday: Peach, strawberry and mint smoothie.


Tuesday: The orangiest-orange.

breakfast33Wednesday: Pear, orange and plum fruit salad.

Well, there you go! I’ll be back later in the week to share the recipes for the pear blueberry and lemon balm smoothie, and the peach, strawberry and mint smoothie – both delicious!

I hope you’re having a great week so far – I’ve been sick yesterday and today, which has meant lots of movie-watching and rest. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon!


3 thoughts on “food: seven days of breakfast

  1. recipe: a duo of sublime smoothies – molly, ily

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