and then, the light was different

light1One of the aspects that has always annoyed me about our house is that the light (downstairs, and in the courtyard, at least) really isn’t that great. At all – I mean no sunlit windows.

Yesterday, in one hour, that totally changed.

light2 light3Next door to us, the house was quite decrepit and knocked down earlier in the week, but yesterday, they removed the overgrown trees that lined our fence. This was good for quite a number of reasons (they dropped a lot of leaves and crap onto our driveway and paving, which stained and were really hard to clean up), but mostly, I think, because it completely changed the light we receive in the house and courtyard.

This makes me very, very happy.

light 4


On a side note, we’re trying to revitalise our garden beds at the moment. Last weekend I did a butt-load of weeding, and put new top soil in where needed. But we’re in a bit of a sticky spot possum-wise. They. Eat. Everything. (Well not everything, but all the pretty things!).

Plants possums eat (so far): marigolds, geraniums, basil, oregano, parsley, tomato leaves, pumpkin leaves.

Plants possums don’t eat: lavender, rosemary, chives, lemon balm, mint, bay tree.

I’m all for having lots of rosemary and lavender in my garden, but I’d like some more eager flowering plants too. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to keep replacing plants eaten by voracious possums, and I don’t really want to put up netting to keep them out (I’ve even tried putting cayenne pepper on the leaves to deter the possums and the keep at it!). So if you have any possum-friendly (or rather, possum-resistant) planting ideas, I’d LOVE your advice. They don’t seem to like the onion-family, so I’m thinking that vegetable-wise, leeks are probably a good option (and spring onions too?). I’m also going to give chillies a go.

We have a four-day weekend here for Easter (starting tomorrow), and I have a relaxing weekend of reading, gardening and cooking planned. It’s going to be SO good just to be able to relax for a few extra days – it’s been such a hectic start to the year!




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