photos: wedding

wedding 14 july 2013

Today I thought I’d share a few photos from our wedding (you can see more here), which took place two Sundays ago. It was a very simple, relaxed (and small) wedding. We exchanged vows, then headed to one of our favourite restaurants for the most amazing lunch (check out my Instagram for some gratuitous food porn).

wedding 14 july 2013
wedding 14 july 2013 - me signing
wedding 14 july 2013 - us and our witnesses, michael & liss
wedding 14 july 2013 - dad
wedding 14 july 2013 - family
wedding 14 july 2013 - mondo
wedding 14 july 2013 - adam & me

Despite the sunshine in these photos, we woke up to a very rainy, grey day, and after a quick excursion to the park where we had intended to hold the ceremony, we decided that it was too wet. Adam’s sister, Amy, was a true champion and a last minute venue change meant we could have the ceremony on her beautiful balcony. The rain showers continued throughout the morning, but the sun managed to break through strategically for some photos. It was a beautiful day, and spending time with family and friends was a blast. A big shout out to my gorgeous friend Reana and my dad for taking such beautiful photos!

We headed to the airport straight after lunch, and enjoyed a great week in Melbourne (stay tuned for a Melbourne post, with photos and recommendations). Now that all the excitement’s over, it feels fantastic to be back at home with the kittens. Semester starts today (yikes!), and we’ve got a very busy and exciting six months ahead of us (with both of us tutoring, working on our theses, German lessons) – I can feel the productive and positive vibes already. So much potential!

And now for the gratuitous kissing photo:

wedding 14 july 2013 - kiss


2 thoughts on “photos: wedding

  1. you look absolutely stunning! I don’t think these pictures could be any more perfect! happy happy day! I love that I could stay tuned with the lunch pics via Insta 🙂 congrats Harriet & Adam x

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